Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Today I'll show something big ... A Mast Foos Push Reel Lawn mower that I restored this spring.
This mower is from the late 30's early 40's I believe since it has rubber wheels. It's probably pre-WWII since it does have rubber tires.

It's all wood and metal.

I haven't finished the sharpening of the blades yet, but it does cut grass as is.
Back in the day, there were hundreds of lawnmower companies. This one is from Springfield Ohio. It somehow made it's way out to California, probably from someone moving here and taking it with them.

I tried to keep the original colors.
Check out that tire.. ."Firestone!" Do you think Firestone still makes lawn mower tires today?

The sound of cutting grass with a reel mower is soothing. It's green and actually cuts the lawn better than a push gas mower as the blades cut the lawn and a push rips it.

now the before photos...

My buddy was telling me about cleaning out his garage and he was going to throw this mower out! I said.. wait, I'll take it. And in a weekend I got a new mower!

If you have a lawn, and want one, get one... it's Vintage Gear for Guys!


  1. Heh, great post! I remember using one of these when I was a kid (and I'm only in my 20s :) ). Nice job restoring it as well.

  2. Wow, great restoration job although it reminds me how happy I am to live in NYC and no longer have to push one of those things around. As a kid I used to earn my cash mowing lawns with a fucking push mower! LOL

  3. Great restoration and a quite environmentally friendly one too!

    You recycled what would have been dump material and now don't need to burn gas to mow your lawn.

  4. Hi, Where does one buy the Pecard leather conditioner? Thanks.

  5. I have an old lawn mower I am restoring but my tires are falling apart. Do you know where I can get solid rubber tires. 10" tire I think it is from the 50's.

  6. sorry, I don't know where to get a set of wheels... try finding another mower with decent wheels like mine or even ebay... you never know when a set might pop up...

    1. I have a reel mower just like in the picture, Mast foos, in good shape works great. sococody@att.net I have pictures,

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