Monday, August 17, 2009


All this Week is going to be JACKETS!
I'm starting off my Big E, Type 3 Jean Jacket by Levi's.

This is an earlier one, as it has the yellow stitching. I've owned a few but somehow always seemed to keep this one around.

I love the look and feeling you get wearing a Levi's jacket. Reminds me of my dad's...

Obviously, the size had been hand written as the original faded away years ago.

The pale yellow stitching on the faded indigo really compliment each other well. If you don't know all ready, EVERY VINTAGE GUYS NEEDS A DENIM JACKET! It's an absolute Vintage Gear for Guys!

Now check in all week as it's JACKET WEEK on PoohBang.Com!

And feel free to "click" around so I can keep PoohBang going!

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