Saturday, August 15, 2009


So you have some friends over and you offer to make them espressos... now you can have a fancy machine and press a button... OR you can work a real machine and impress them so much they tell their grandchildren about the time YOU made them espresso.
Okay, so no one is going to tell their grandchildren about the time you made espresso, but why not do it like they use to do it. This is my La Pavoni Espresso Maker that I actually picked up at a garage sale for $15.00!

this one you have to add the water, heat it up in the brass boiler, tap out your coffee..

wait... wait... wait...

pull up the handle, wait more.. then press down the lever for a perfect cup.

It's pretty simple in design, only it's made like a tank.

Chrome brass or steel. No plastic on this baby.

This one is dated 3 76. They haven't changed them since and you can basically buy this model today for close to $600 I think.

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  1. wow! this espresso maker is so cool! I wish I could find one of these for that cheap nowadays...


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