Saturday, August 22, 2009


Today I'll highlight my Hat People Newsboy Cap. Some call it other names but I call it a newsboy or just my cap.
Hat People is a great place to have a cap made. They're not bad about $40 buck and you pick the fabric, cut and size. They make it to order.

I own two. One brown and one blue-ish. This one is what they call a Full Cut. Drapes over the sides a bit. It to me looks very 1930 and doesn't look like those ones I see today. No style to those.

This one is brown tweed wool. Not too heavy so I can wear it all year, even in the summer.

That's their tag. The cap looks great when I'm sporting a "rougher" look just don't feel like a fedora. Plus, if I'm going out to place I know might be bad for my fedora I can just stuff this in my back pocket and not worry about it.


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