Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today is an item I really don't use, but it's very cool. It's my grandfather's Cigarette Case that he had made in Germany at the end of the War.
It's a silver case with brass inlay ed map of Germany with the year 1945 and his unit the 23rd Engineers.
He served after the War rebuilding Germany with the Army Corp of Engineers.

The Case is just a really neat souvenir from the war since it belonged to my Grandfather.

I should just buy some Lucky's and put them in there so it's serving a purpose.

I don't smoke but if you do, nothing says .."Hello..." like pulling out a cigarette case to light up.


  1. I just fell upon this comment of yours. I have an identical cigarette case that was my grandfather's! I wonder if they have any monetary worth. (Don't know if I could sell it anyway since it was Grandpa's, but I am curious.)

  2. is it exactly identical to the unit?

  3. what a great and unusual collection you have...I love the one's with the monograms...I always think of what MArtha Stewart said once about collecting things with monograms....She just tells people that she inherited the piece from a rich relative.
    cigarette case

  4. my husband's father left us with this exact case. being that cancer killed him... it doesn't have a lot of sentimental value to my husband.. any idea of the value?

    1. Is it exactly like this one? Perhaps they were in the same unit?

    2. yes it is.... I will find it and send you a picture... do you have an email?

    3. yes, I have an "email link" on the side of my blog.


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