Friday, August 21, 2009


For the fifth day of Jacket Week, lets go Leather with my Aero A2 Anniversary Flight Jacket.
I bought this new from Aero Leather in Scotland about 10 years ago. I had it custom made to my size as Aero will do that.
It's made with Jerky Horsehide which was a new thing from Aero back then. Today most high end A2's are made with un-matched leathers to equal what you got back in WWII.

Mine has my name patch and the 77th Fighter Squadron Patch. I wish at the time I had the AAF decal but on but I didn't.

It's labeled a 46 but fits more like a 44. These are really awesome jackets. Very, very comfortable.

Aero stock "Talon" zipper. The Jacket is made pretty original to the original. Not exact, but close. OD stitching too.

I actually sewed the patch on myself.... just like in the field.

Here's a nice shot of some wear. I don't baby this jacket at all. In fact, I'm a little rough with it and holds up like a champ!
An A2 jacket is (if you can afford it) a must for the Vintage Gear Guy. It goes with everything and has no limit on it's fashion sense. It's a classic!

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