Thursday, August 27, 2009


Today I'll highlight another telephone of mine. This time my 2nd favorite phone, a Western Electric Bell Systems 302 Telephone.
Mine's in okay condition. I've seen a lot worse. Plugs in the wall and you can call in and out and dial.

I like the looks of this one, it's heavy and solid. You know it's going to work.

It's really was the perfect desk phone as it had everything built into it including the ringer box...
You can still read the old ink from labels from years ago.. I need to get a new center card for it...

If you haven't already, get an old, finger dial phone... you'll love it. It's vintage gear for guys!


  1. Very nice phone.

    I have one of these as well, but it's a Canadian version from the Northern Electric Company.

    This phone is one of the many iconic designs by famed industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss.
    I love so many of his creations, especially the streamlined 20th Century Ltd. trainset.

  2. I also have a WE302. They're great phones! Many of the components inside are date stamped so you can tell exactly how old the phone is. Mine dates from Feb. 1948. Here's a link to a photo of mine next to one of my electric clocks from the same era.


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