Sunday, July 5, 2009


Every guy needs a watch and I have two. One is my everyday watch, a Seiko Divers 200 which I'll post later in the year and my other is my dress watch.

A 1952 Omega Seamaster Automatic with Date at the 6.

This watch was purchased new by my Grandfather in Switzerland in 1952.

It's a Bumper wind Seamaster with what I've found out is a rare date window at the 6 position. The watch did not come with it's original band and I have a replacement on it right now. I'd like to buy a real Alligator band, but they're fairly pricey so I think I'll make one for it.

It's a gold filled watch with the original omega crown. I had this watch serviced about 7 years ago and it still runs excellent. It also still glows which is a little scary since it's over 50 years old.....

So a guy needs a great watch, cause if you're wearing a suit and you point and someone sees your Casio, well, that just won't do.


  1. dear sir,
    is this watch for sale? how much then?

    best regards,

    azlan md

  2. Dear god! I have an exactly same watch from my grandpa bought in 1940-1950 in Shanghai. It's steel.

  3. i have the same watch and want to sell what offers

  4. dear sir,

    really need your help. could you please ask your friend; Reuben to email me his watch that he want to sell. please. I really intrested in buying this kinda watch. thank you.


    azlan md.


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