Thursday, July 2, 2009


(New Update on this Bag)

For as long as I can remember I wanted a nice leather briefcase. Not the type that stuffy business men carry, but the type that Bogart would carry. Drawn to the past for inspiration I never found what I was looking for until I found Tusting Leather. I've owned this bag for about four years and carried it every work day. It's from Tusting of England and the model is called Melchbourne. It's perfect for me as it carries all my stuff (including a mac book) and not only looks fantastic but is small enough to stash under my desk.

I get compliments all the time carrying my Tusting. Every guy needs a fine briefcase and Tusting makes a pretty nice one. I don't baby my bag at all. I do oil it about once a year. I would imagine that in another 5 years the leather is going to look perfect. It's naturally "oily" leather as in if you scratch it you can rub the scratch and it pretty much goes away... great if it rains alot...

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  1. These briefcases is made of full-grain leather, has no zippers to break and no buttons to fall off. It uses just solid metal buckles to secure it, and incredible thick synthetic string to hold it together.

  2. My husband and I have bought ten leather briefcases so far and I think I'm actually addicted with them. I just can't discontinue looking at it and grab them right away. For me, it's a portion of art!

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