Friday, July 24, 2009


Today is my WWII Garrison shoes. (Yes they're boots)

These are not original as I can't find my size or boots I can afford.

These are really well done reproductions even down to the U.S. Army on the sole.

They are very, very comfortable to walk in (with an insert)

The only thing is the heel leather could have been stretched a little better, but I can't complain.

I love the vintage look of these and the comfort. That big cap toe is my favorite...

If you find these... buy em'!


  1. Gorgeous boots! I've been looking for some like this. Where did you find these?

  2. I believe they're from At the Front.... but I bought them used and can't say 100%

  3. Thanks for the response. They definitely look like the could be the ones from At the Front (who are, of course, sold out of my size at the moment...) Anyhow, nice to make your aquaintance. I found your blog while searching for boots and have just started to peruse your archive. It seems we have a lot of similar interests. I would assume that you already know of it, but if not, you should definitely check out -- I think you would find yourself in good company there...


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