Saturday, July 25, 2009


Today, I'm highlighting something that every vintage guy should have... A Soda Syphon.
Mind you you don't need this one, but a real soda syphon is a must if you're hosting a party and need to make scotch and soda... hence the soda!
This one is actually my dream syphon, a 1930's Norman Bel Geddes Chrome one with a red top. I've seen these in black, blue, yellow, green and red.
This one must take a special cartridge as I can't get my normal ones to work in it. So I've bought newer syphons and I've gotten them to work. All my syphons make excellent soda that I can use with cocktail or syrups to make soda pops!
Find one, use it and enjoy!


  1. I recently bought almost the exact same syphon in black. How did you end up getting the cartridges to work?

  2. I actually never did. I think I need a longer sized charger. I thought about padding out the top where the round part of the charger is might work.

    I might buy some old chargers on ebay and see if they work...

    1. Hi there,

      Just FYI I bought two of these a while ago. I had them rechromed, and was intending to re-make all the rubber bits in new silicone, to bring them back into use.

      But anyway, you might be interested to know that one shipped with an original, intact and full gas bulb. They shipped from the US, and the bulbs look a little different to the ones that are currently available (at least in the UK)

    2. that's great! I know they do take a different size canister. You should sell the silicone kits for other people who would like to get theirs going again.


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