Sunday, July 5, 2009


So you've got the clothes, the hat, the shoes... now to complete it all... a pair of Vintage Ray Ban Wayfarers.

These are my second pair of Wayfarers as I accidently sat on my other pair cracking the ear piece. Turns out you can't just buy a new one for a Vintage pair... These are the Tortoise Shell, real glass lens with the 7 barrel hinge. Made probably in the mid 1950's. My other pair was just like it.

I like the Tortoise better than black for the same reason I like my boots brown instead of black.
I also like that the vintage pairs don't say Ray Ban on the sides. I don't like wearing Labels, and with the vintage pair you get the quality of Ray Ban's but with out all the "Look What I Paid For!" on my face.
These are great for summer and winter time. Very comfortable and the classic look goes with just about everything I have. I also have a pair of Aviators from the early 90's I wear along with a pair of Oakley's... But given the choice I'll go for my Wayfarers every time.

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