Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today, I thought I'd highlight my one wash Montgomery Wards "Power House" Denim chore jacket.

I bought this raw but it was so stiff I had to give it a wash. I was also hoping it would shrink a bit more, but it's still a tad too big for me. So I might sell it if anyone is interested....

This jacket is probably from the 1960's but it still has the features of the older 40's-50's Powerhouse jackets, such as the "Union Made" buttons. The tag though is of the modern (1960) power house.

Two big front pockets, one snap chest and on open snap chest. The buttons are almost the coolest thing on this jacket!

I like the length of it as I can wear it with a shirt that's not tucked in. My other denim jackets are more of a trucker/rancher waist and can't hide the tails of a shirt.

These jacket look amazing after a lot of time and use. The fades you can get on these are incredible. This a timeless style that still holds up today. If you want to stand out from the landsend barn jacket crowd, pick up a vintage chore jacket!

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