Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Today I'm highlighting a cool item I have but have not used... yet.
I found this at a thrift store a few years ago. It also came with the original leather case.

This model is probably from the 1940's. Graflex bought them out in the 1950's

light rust is common on these cameras. They are workhorses and once I finally get around to cleaning it up a tad, it should take great photos. The shutter works fine. It's just a little rough.

This is a camera you want to take on a stroll through the city and take your time on a photo as the film is not cheap. But the thrill of the photo should well pay for the film.
It's a great looking piece of american history (as this was an American Made 6x6). It might not be as fine a German made 6x6, but I can afford this one! So put your digital down and pick up a vintage camera and see what you're missing!


  1. Great camera. Did you ever get around to shooting with it?

  2. no not yet... I found a great site that shows complete tear down and how to restore it It's one of my many project I need to do this year.


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