Saturday, July 4, 2009


Today's item is in the gear section of what a guy should have. Mine is an unknown wood Cigar Humidor. Now I stopped smoking cigars a few years ago, I only had maybe 4 a year, but it's the art of storing cigars that I like. You never know when a friend is coming over and you can offer a cigar... that's fresh and aged to perfection....

This cigar humidor is just the right size to store about 50 cigars and not take over a room in size.
It has a tray for your favorites on top and storage on the bottom for your "cabinet" selection...

When I did buy cigars I always went with HUpmann as they were my favorites. I also have others that I bought since not everyone likes the mild Upmanns like I do.

A small cigar Humidor is not a must have, but it is nice to have around for friends and family that would enjoy a fresh cigar... because you never know when some might get married or need a cigar to celebrate something!


    Basic function of cigar humidors is to hold, maintain and exhibit a set of cigars. Isn’t it?

  2. the main basic function of the humidor is to keep your cigars at a constant humidity... everything else is window dressing...

  3. Cigar humidors perform a vital function for the cigar aficionado, or even the beginner.The main purpose of a humidor is of course to store and preserve the cigars.nice pics shown.


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