Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1947 LEVI'S 501 JEANS

Every guys needs jeans. And not some mall fashion jean, although there are some nice ones out there. Today I'm featuring a pair from my denim collection.

1947 Levi's 501. I bought these raw way back in I guess 2001. Tag says they're from spring 01.

555 top button size 38x38. The leather tag is gone. I started wearing these before I got religous about washing and soaking and all that stuff that real raw selvedge denim makes you do.

Not a lot of fades as these were machined washed quite a bit at first. Check out the leg twists.... I own two pairs of the 47's, 2 pairs of the 55's, and one pair each of the 37's, 33's. Since I started jogging they're a tad loose now and I fear I must buy a new smaller pair....

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