Monday, July 13, 2009

1937 LEVI 501 JEANS

This a pair of Vintage Levi Clothing 501 Jeans of their 1937 model.

This pair, I actually sold this pair to a friend on SuFu because they didn't fit after I lost a bit of weight (jogging) and had to buy another pair in a smaller size.

The 37's are really nice, with cone selevdge denim, buckle-back back, Hidden, riveted back pockets and crotch, leather tag and classic 1937 cut and fit.

I really, really like the LVC line of clothing. I own a few pairs of the 501 and would like to own more.

You must own a pair of jeans so why not have the original 501 from Levi's that will last you a lifetime and not some designer brand that will fall apart in a year or two.

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